This World Market review will discuss how product-rich, secure, feature-rich the market actually is.

Being a very new market, we’ll try not to be too harsh. However, rest assured, this World Market review will be as honest, transparent and detailed as possible.

If you’re anyone who’s mourning the loss of Empire Market, Alphabay, Icarus Market, Grey Market, Dream Market or just need a market which sells “hard to find” products, this World Market review is for you.

Also, we’ve included links to step-by-step guides on how to get anything done on World Market which should come in handy as well.

Note that this piece is purely for educational purposes. Do not go off buying/selling illegal goods on World Market. That’s not legal.

*This review is purely for educational and research purposes.
We haven’t verified the legitimacy of the vendors on the marketplace.
Any action, both legal and financial, and all losses arising from this review, of any kind, are 100% your own responsibility

World Market – Primary features

We’ve listed the most important features of the market in this section. These are the features that make World Market what it is today:

Alternative Mirrors:

Security tips before accessing World Market

It’s not wise to access a darknet market without the proper precautions. Hence, make sure you’re untraceable before you land on that URL. Here’s how to do that:

  • Switch your TOR security from “Standard”, to “Safer” or “Safest”.
  • Download NordVPN and connect to its “Onion over TOR” servers.
  • Make sure no other apps/programs are running on your system when you’re accessing TOR.

If you don’t know how to access the deep web safely then you need to check out my complete guide that will guide you, and will let you all necessary steps that will protect you one the deep web.

Also, read our disclaimer before you proceed on this World Market review.

How Anonymous is World Market?

Like any other darknet market, World Market is on the dark web. Hence, it can’t trace or log your actual IP address.

Also, hopefully you have the VPN running. Which also makes sure your actual IP address stays hidden.

More importantly, it has an automated log clearance policy. Meaning, all deposit/withdrawal histories are permanently purged after 7 days. This further ensures anonymity.

All in all, it’s just as anonymous as any other dark web market.  The registration too is 100% anonymous. Here’s a guide on how to register on World Market.

How many, and which products does World Market sell?

This actually is one of the most impressive aspects on this World Market review.

The market had less than 600 products a week back. Today? The total product stock stands at over 3363 listings! Also, these aren’t fake-listings. We’ve verified the products to be actually listed on the marketplace.

Without doubt, “Drugs” is the most well-stocked category. This one category has 2000+ listings by itself! We love how it has very narrow categorization. Meaning, Drugs has Cannabis, and Cannabis further is classified into Hash, Buds and flowers, Concentrates etc.

The next most product-rich category is the “Fraud” with 551 listings. It sells bank logins, dumps, login data for other accounts etc.

The Digital goods section has 133 items listed. As the name hints, it sells software, guides, exploits etc.

Counterfeit is where a buyer can buy fake money or jewellery. Currently, only fake money has listings and page for counterfeit jewellery isn’t populated.

World Market can also be used to order services such as hacking, carding, fake documents etc.

Does World Market sell guns or illegal porn?

No. A majority of people believe darknet markets to be a hub of the most illegal goods. Which is true to an extent, but, not entirely.

World Market doesn’t allow the trade of weapons, underage porn, terror-promoting services/items, and killing services.

Sure, there are other markets which do facilitate these trades. World Market isn’t that market.

That isn’t a “con” on this World Market review. We appreciate the market’s stance on not facilitating these trades which are socially and morally unacceptable.

What are World Market’s vendor policies?

World Market obviously accepts independent vendors. There’s a $150.00 vendor-fee requirement in order to obtain a vendor account. This fee is non-refundable (and, that’s a desirable feature for the buyers on the market).

Those vendors who have an established reputation on other markets are eligible for a free vendor account. Here’s how to get a free vendor account on World Market.

There are no other requirements except for the fact that the vendor account forfeits the ability to buy products, and that the vendor wouldn’t sell the items restricted on World Market.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get a vendor account on World Market.

What Cryptocurrencies does World Market accept?

World Market accepts only one Cryptocurrency, that being Bitcoin. Bitcoins need to be deposited to the market wallet and then can be used to either make payments for purchases, or, for the vendor-fee.

The deposit process is pretty straight-forward. However, you can take help from this guide for depositing funds on World Market.

The deposits are absolutely free of charge. However, that’s not the case for withdrawals. Withdrawals are charged at a 2.5%. Again, this guide can help you withdraw funds from the market.

What are the search-filters that World Market offers?

We review search-filters because they define how much time a user spends searching for products on the marketplace.

So, there’s the keyword bar where a user enters the product he/she wants. Then, the product-type (digital/physical) can be selected. This ensures that you don’t get cocaine when you’re actually searching for a “guide/e-book” on “drug”.

The most helpful filter is the “price” filter. It lets you set your minimum and maximum budget. This ensures you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of products trying to find something that fits your pockets.

The category filter is pretty basic, helps narrow a search to a specific category. The  “Origin” filter ensures you only gets products from countries you’re comfortable with.

Similarly, the “ships to” filter makes sure every product you find actually ships to your country. So, you won’t waste time looking at products which do not ship to your country.

A buyer can also choose his/her escrow mode. Do they need full escrow, or are okay with Finalize-Early trades?

So, all in all, there aren’t many filters that World Market is missing.

Which security features does World Market offer?

This can be explained simplest by saying that World Market offers everything except TOTPs, multisig and a Login Phrase.

So, the accounts can be secured via 2-factor authentication. This is done by letting the users encrypt their accounts using PGP. Decryption of an encrypted message is required for each login. We did a full guide on enabling 2-FA on World Market.

Secondly, users are required to set a 6-digit withdrawal code on registration. This is used for withdrawals, obviously. Sure, it can be changed at will and here’s how to do that.

Obviously, Escrow is offered on all trades (except on the autoshops or with F.E vendors.)

Does World Market offer a mnemonic code?

Yes. Right after registration, World Market displays a mnemonic code. This code can has multiple uses.

First, it’s used to recover World Market accounts. There’s no other mode of account recovery if this mnemonic code isn’t available.

Secondly, the mnemonic code is also required for resetting the withdrawal PIN. Again, without the mnemonic the withdrawal PIN can’t be changed.

Does World Market have an autoshop?

Yes, it does. But, the autoshop wasn’t available for the past few days and hence the market may still not be sure of the autoshop’s future. However, for now, there’s an autoshop available.

The autoshop sells:

  • Cards
  • Bank accounts.

The search-filters on the autoshop are extremely detailed, narrow and help find exactly what a buyer is looking for.

There’s a 1-hour check time offered on the cards.  In-built checker included. Refunds are provided on dead cards.

Does World Market have an in-built mixer?

Not exactly. Although, you may notice a link to MiXo on the deposit/withdrawal page. This isn’t an in-built mixer. Rather, it’s a mixer World Market has partnered up with.

The mixer is a BTC to XMR mixer. Meaning, you can send your withdrawn funds from World Market to this mixer. It’ll  then send you clean funds, which will be XMR instead of BTC! Totally anonymous.

Final Words:

If you’ve gone through this World Market review, you already have an idea of the marketplace, don’t you?

As far as our opinion goes, we’d say it’s an average yet trustworthy marketplace (for now). Meaning, its product-stock, search-filters, security features and vendor-policy are impressive. The autoshop clearly boosts it to the “elite” league of darknet markets.

However, it’s limited to just  1 Cryptocurrency, and isn’t wallet-less. Hence, those aspects require improvements.

All in all, the market is definitely worth a try as long as you don’t use it for illegal purposes. That’ll be all for this World Market review folks. However, you may check the FAQ out if you’ve still got doubts.

World Market FAQ:

Here are some of the most asked questions about World Market (and, the answers to them.)

  • Which Cryptocurrencies does World Market accept?

World Market only accepts Bitcoins for now. No other Cryptocurrencies or modes of payment can be used. Here’s a guide on how to deposit Bitcoins to World Market.

  • Is Wallet-Market wallet-less?

No, World Market isn’t wallet-less. Deposits need to be made to the centralized market wallet.

  • Is World Market the new Empire Market?

No. There’s no official statement, link or proof that World Market or Empire Market are in any way linked. It’s a completely different, new darknet market.

  • How many confirmations does World Market need for deposits?

World Market currently needs 2 confirmations for deposits.

  • What is the World Market withdrawal fee?

World Market demands a 2.5% fee per withdrawal. Here’s a World Market withdrawal guide.

  • What is the World Market vendor-fee?

World Market charges a $150.00 vendor-fee. This fee is non refundable. Reputed vendors are eligible for a free vendor account.

  • Does World Market have any product restrictions?

Yes. World Market doesn’t allow the trade of illegal porn, weapons, prostitution or killing services.

  • Is it legal to access World Market?

Yes, as far as “accessing” the marketplace goes, it’s not exactly illegal. However, buying/selling  illegal products on World Market is illegal. Read our disclaimer for more information.

  • What is the use of the World Market mnemonic code?

The mnemonic serves dual purposes. First, it’s used to reset the World Market account password. Secondly, it’s also used to change PIN.

  • Does World Market have a bug bounty program?

Yes. World Market rewards those who can find fatal bugs in the system. These can be shared with the team via the support page.

  • How to be anonymous on World Market?

TOR isn’t 100% secure or anonymous. To combat the same, you can use a verified “no log” VPN which will eliminate all and any IP-traces back to you.